Rain drops🌨☔

Rain drops falling on my head 😃……

I have written this one to share my beautiful experience of raining.

It was raining , so I went outside of my house. I was so amazed to see the drops falling from so far ,impossible to estimate the distance from naked eyes.I close my eyes to feel the blessing of livelihood and to listen the beautiful musical sensation of the drops. The drops are similar for all irrespective of the age , gender or country etc . The journey of a drop from it’s formation till it strikes the surface of the earth is unexplainable. One cannot count the number of drops but can feel the infinite love of God in each drop.

We can learn a great lesson from drops . How  they give similar feeling of love and amazement to different people , without any difference.

It is like a hand of God  , blessing you , loving you , providing strength to you . For any lonely or sad person  drops  act as medicine and for happy person it is a way to become more joyful.

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Live in every moment…..

This experience is priceless and is without  expertise in any particular field. Without any hesitation just go for it ,once you listen the music, you will get addicted to it and will  never feel alone or depressed😃……

Communication or suppression🙄

images (1)We try to communicate a lot but all goes in vain… What’s the reason?? Let’s  explore  the base of the problem. First we should know what is a good communication.

A good communication is when you are able to communicate well with anyone without any hyperness or argument . When you can adjust the communication in your own way .

How To Do It😃

Now , observe yourself .. Observation is the key to communication . An extraordinary communication needs it everywhere. Observation is actually being unbiased and just listening and Watching  the activity carefully.  When we communicate with others our involvement is important . Our interest and excitement is equally necessary. A person who moulds the argument and changes it according to him is a good communicator. There are many people who argument a lot and think” hah I am the best in keeping others mouth shut hah”😂😂😂 If you are a good communicator just say it in yourself ” Noooo” it’s not true😉 “….Because I stopped the conversation according to myself. Yeah ,I did this. Because it’s true you have to be unbiased  and should be more understanding while communicating.

Now next is , match the level of the person you are talking .  Yeah it’s essential. If the person is sad , just speak in soft tone  , no need to get excited or depressed because with this the person will never come to you again . If the person is excited match the tone , speak in same excitement, it will make the communication interesting.images

Here is an example of how we feel when we communicate with good or bad communicators …….

When you meet a person who asks you How are you ?, what are you doing? , What job you are doing?…etc Now , if the person is asking these similar questions then ….Hellooo , he is not on the right track…Yes, He is making a really bad communication.

But , if the person is asking different questions and is feeling same as you ,while talking. When he is not assuming anything or arguing.. Then he is a good communicator . Your body language  is very much important. This will not only help you in your job or relationships but throughout your life, it will be with you.

It’s tricky but easy

So , it’s your choice to be a good communicator or suppressor😃😃

Hope you liked it 🤗🤗🤗🤗……

Are we on the right track??

What we do , is simply what we think. What we think , is simply what we want . What we want , is simply what we are attracted to and the thing to which we are attracted is what we think. It’s a circular flow of what we become in life . There are some points we should remember before attracting anything in particular.

1-What you want or what you don’t want.  If you want to have a beautiful dress , car etc so just attract that . No need to attract your wornout clothes , your poor conditions or to criticize these things again and again. This criticism will attract the unwanted stuff.

2- We are taught,  since childhood that life is too tough. I know very famous saying  …Try try until you succeed …..  But We must focus our point on what actually successful people say is, totally different . Mostly famous personalities had just said one thing ” It is too easy and anyone can do it”. Yes, life is fun , it’s not a headache or something.This term try, now can be changed with …”Attract Attract Until You Succeed” . So , be cool in all the conditions. Our life’s creator  is much more smarter than we think … So , believe and have full faith in it without any doubt.

3- Energy , if you want some specific thing in your life then feel good about it . Believe that it is already yours . It is so easy to get . Believe in universe , just be grateful for all the good things in your life . No need to waste your time in finding “how” ..just say yeahhh ” it’s mine” feel great..

4- When you will start doing this, start with small things . If you start doing this you will master it and you will attract bigger things then you expect.

5 – Love yourself because expecting others to do that will make you feel sad and stressed , if you are attracting something there is no room for stress… Just say good byeeeee stress ….I am happy with myself , which will help in attracting more positive circumstances.

6- Last but not the least…You are the creator of your world , no other person is responsible for it . You cannot decide the place you are born but can decide the place where you will die … 

Be thankful …feel good …enjoy your life …. visualize your dream and perceive it as real …..You will be able to attract much more than you think.